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The ABC's of Auto Insurance and Insurance Claims. Facts from North Brothers Ford Collision Center

Every insurance claim unfortunately begins with an auto accident. It is important to understand exactly what should be done to ensure a smooth insurance claim process. As soon as possible, report the claim to your insurance carrier. Soon after, you should expect a claims adjuster to call, write or email you regarding your accident and insurance claim. The adjuster will then determine the type(s) of coverage you have, deductibles, and any coverage limits that may affect your claim.

In the case of simple insurance claims (i.e., no fault was assign by responding officers, minimal damage to vehicle(s), and little or no medical treatment needed), the adjuster may have you get an estimate for repairs, at North Brothers Ford Collision Center, we will be happy to aid you in this process. We will meet with your insurance company's adjuster to define cost of the repair. That number will be relayed to you prior to commencing the repair process. North Brothers Ford Collision Center is a direct repair agent for many major insurance companies, which means we can streamline the adjustment process for you, getting back on the road sooner.

Keep in mind, in every insurance claim there are three elements of proof that will come into play, and should be gathered at the scene:

  • A Police Report
  • The exchange of information between the parties (License Numbers, Insurance information, etc.)
  • Information from any witnesses

The Insurance Settlement Offer for Your Insurance Claim

Once your adjuster has investigated your claim and viewed your policy, a settlement offer will most likely be presented to you. The settlement offer is the amount or terms that the insurance company is willing to pay on your claim. Each situation is different, and in the case of a total loss, this initial offer is typically fair, but it is possible it may be on the low side. Don't be afraid to research your claim if you feel your offer is low. Your adjuster usually has an equitable range, which will allow you both to come to a satisfactory insurance settlement.

What If Your Auto Accident Claim is Denied?

If your claim is denied, in whole or in part, there may be many legitimate and reasonable grounds for this. Most times these reasons are centered around limits in your coverage. We suggest you work with your agent to check the denial letter against your policy. Your agent can be your best resource in these situations.

At North Brothers Ford Collision Center, We're Here to Help You with Your Insurance Claim.

While we have no direct access to affect your insurance claims, our years of experience in the process can be put to use. Our staff will be at your service with tips, suggestions, and help in any way we can. Our goal is to make sure we get your Ford car or truck repaired and back on the roads of Metro Detroit as quickly and efficiently as possible.