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Extended Warranty Service Plans through North Brothers Ford

The purchase of a new or used car is a huge investment, and these purchases typically come with some warranty protection for the consumer, although it is helpful in some cases to extend this coverage. To protect your investment more completely many people choose extended warranty plans for their vehicle purchase.

Selecting an extended warranty Insurance product is a way of safeguarding you and your vehicle long-term in case something should go wrong. By paying a small amount today you could avoid paying out-of-pocket for a major repair, should it ever occur, later on into the future.

Extended warranties are not for everyone and our North Brothers Ford team is here to help you with your decision. We can provide you more information on your extended warranty options and answer any questions that might arise.

Is an Extended Warranty Right for You?

Our experienced team at North Brothers Ford can explain the different program offers that are available and help you decide if one is the right fit for you. Financing for these plans can be rolled into your purchase, giving you a long-term peace of mind for what could amount to just a bit of change each day.

A few things to keep in mind when considering Extended Warranty Coverage:
  • Do you really need it? First, consider the primary warranty on the vehicle you are about to purchase. Will it cover you for the period you plan to own the vehicle? If so, you have no reason to consider extended warranty coverage. However, if you plan to hold on to your car or truck for a longer period of time, you may find it worth the investment, considering the relatively low cost of extended warranty plans.
  • What is the proper plan for your needs? North Brothers Ford has various extended warranty plans to choose from. Our plans range from full bumper-to-bumper protection to programs designed to cover only major repairs to your car or truck's drivetrain. Our experts can help assist you in selecting an extended warranty program that fits your needs and budget.

For assistance in understanding your warranty coverage and options contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at North Brothers Ford. We want you to have all of the facts, contact us today!