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North Brothers Ford Inc.

33300 Ford Road
Map & Location Westland, MI 48185

  • Sales: (734) 928-2108
  • Service: (734) 821-7451
  • Parts: (734) 772-9323

Car Service Tips and Tricks for Your Vehicle from the North Brothers Ford Service Center

Keep a vehicle service log

Keeping a log of your maintenance and service schedule can be a helpful reminder to stay up to date with regular care that keeps your engine running smoothly. 

Go easy during your vehicle's break-in period

Once you've driven your brand new Ford off our lot at North Brothers Ford, go easy on it for the first 1,500 miles. Avoid excessively high speeds, idling and heavy loads. This is a very important period in your vehicle's lifecycle. Treat it well and you will get back many years of enjoyment.

Buy gas at reputable gas stations

If the station is a mess, think what condition their tanks might be in. Do they have filters on the pumps? Do they have proper maintenance procedures in place? Remember the fuel you put in your car has to be clean for long-term economy and efficiency. Also, it's best to avoid stations where the tanker is in the process of filling their tanks. This filling causes turbulence in the tanks and can result in dirt and sediment in your car's fuel system. 

Buy the proper fuel for your vehicle

Purchasing fuel with a higher octane rating than is required by your vehicle, is simply a waste of money. Sports cars with higher compression engines will often times recommend higher octane fuels to reduce engine knock. If your owner's manual recommends regular however, use regular and save your money because it's unlikely you'll even notice a difference.

Make sure your gas cap is tight

It is very important to make sure you don't start or drive your vehicle with the gas cap off or loose. Your emission system has sensors that will detect a pressure leak and your check engine light could come on. As a result you will need to make a trip to the North Brothers Ford service center to clear the service code. Make sure to always "click" the cap a few times after filling up to make sure it's on tight.

Fuel economy tips

Help your gas go farther with these few fuel saving tips. Change your air filter often. Check your tire pressure, proper inflation amounts can be found on a sticker inside your driver's side door. Make sure you're using the right oil viscosity; our ASE certified service technicians can help you determine the proper viscosity. Simply following these three easy tips could improve your fuel economy by as much as 10%! 

When refilling fluids, make sure you have the proper type

Checking and adding fluids to your car should become part of your routine maintenance schedule. It is important to be sure when adding or changing fluids to your vehicle that you use the correct type and quantity; too much, not enough or using the wrong type can cause serious damage to your vehicles systems. Check your owner's manual or stop in to North Brothers Ford service center and one of our ASE certified technicians will answer any questions you may have.

As often as possible, park in the shade on hot days

Harsh sunshine is loaded with damaging UV rays. It's not good for your skin, and its not good for your vehicle's finish or exposed interior (dashboards, etc.). Whenever you can find some shade for your Ford take advantage of it. 

Remember to clean the interior too

Your Ford has many soft and porous surfaces. If left unattended, dirt and other particles will work to break these surfaces down and diminish their beauty.