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Tips & Tricks from North Brothers' Service Technicians to Help You Take Great Care of Your Vehicle 

Keep Up with Routine and Scheduled Maintenance 

Although this seems like a no-brainer, we believe it's still worth mentioning. This is one of the most important parts of keeping your vehicle in proper running order. Oil changes, tire replacements or rotations, wheel alignments, brake inspections, wiper blade replacements, filter exchanges, and fluid fill-ups are all a part of routine and scheduled maintenance. Completing these services at the right time can eliminate unnecessary wear, damage, and even accidents that can result in costly repairs. You can get a customized maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle from Ford to help you keep track of your vehicle's specific needs. 

Keep Record of Completed Vehicle Services

Having routine maintenance services completed is one step, but more importantly is keeping record of them so you're on track and on time for future services. Our service technicians will always help keep track of your routine maintenance needs, like oil changes and tire rotations, as long as they're completed at North Brothers Ford. We recommend keeping a note on your smartphone, mobile device, or personal computer with dates and service descriptions, along with alerts or reminders for upcoming service needs. You could also keep a physical file folder at home with papers and receipts from past services. Either way, you'll be better equipped to schedule services at the right time and avoid missing important maintenance services. 

Use the Right Fuel and Fluids in Your Vehicle

Each vehicle is built differently, which means each will require a certain fuel type and specific fluids to keep it running correctly. When it comes to fuel, you should only fill up with the type your vehicle requires. Most times, you'll need to use Regular or Unleaded fuel, but if you have a performance based car or heavy-duty pickup, you might require Premium or Diesel fuel. When it comes to other fluids, there are many different kinds used throughout your vehicle including oil, power steering fluid, wiper fluid, etc. If you choose to replace these fluids at home and do so with the wrong kind, you can potentially cause damage to your vehicle's internal components, which can cost you more in repairs.  

Go Easy on Your Vehicle

Taking it easy, as opposed to driving aggressively, can help you save on fuel and on service in the long run. Avoid frequent heavy braking, frequent "pedal to the metal" starting, and excessive speeding and idling. You can also fill up before your gas gauge hits E, avoid hitting potholes and curbs, and avoid taking frequent trips that are under 5 miles. It's especially important to take it easy on your car if the engine is new or under 1,500 miles. It's recommended to avoid exceeding 75 mpg, excessive idling, towing or carrying heavy loads, and pushing the engine to the higher rpm range. We also recommend letting your car warm up in the winter by idling for only about 30 seconds or up to 5 minutes maximum when the temperature is below zero. All of these recommendations will help your engine run it's best, help your car run longer, and help you save on fuel. Check out Ford's fuel saving tips online for more info. 

Clean Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis

The weather in Michigan can take a toll on your vehicle inside and out, but it's up to you to keep it clean and protected from the elements! Regularly washing the exterior can help avoid grime and road salt build-up, which can slowly become corrosive to the paint and exposed components over time. We also recommend keeping the interior clean to protect the surfaces and materials from diminishing or deteriorating. If you choose to do vehicle cleaning at home, make sure to only use cleaning agents formulated for automotive uses!