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Get Your Wiper Blades Replaced this Winter at North Brothers Ford 

 Snow, sleet, and other inclement weather brought on by Michigan's wicked winter can make it difficult to see while driving. It's important for your vehicle to be equipped with good wiper blades to prevent anything from blocking your view of the road. It's equally important to have your wiper blade fluid topped off for a clean spritz when your windshield is dirty and dingy. If you feel that your current wiper blades aren't doing their job or you need a fill up on washer fluid, bring your vehicle in to North Brothers in Westland, MI for wiper blade replacement and winter car care service. If you're not sure whether your wiper blades really need replacing, continue reading below for tips on how to tell.


 Signs Your Wiper Blades Need to Be Replaced

Deciding when to replace your wiper blades can be as simple as using your eyes, and your routine maintenance schedule! Your wiper blades typically need to be replaced every 6 months; however, there are other factors that can come into play. Heavy use, low quality blades, and damage from regular wear can mean your wiper blades need to be replaced more frequently. Winter can be especially rough on wiper blades due to the buildup of ice and snow on your windshield, causing them to wear quicker than usual. The winter weather can also cause you to see the road less clearly, especially if your wipe blades aren't working optimally. How do you know when to replace your wiper blades? Here are some common signs your wiper blades need to be replaced:

  • Squeaking or "chattering" blades while in use
  • Blades don't make full contact with windshield
  • Blades cause streaks or smears when in use
  • Blades have damaged or chipped rubber

Get Competitive Pricing on Parts and Maintenance in Westland, MI 

If you can't see clearly while driving when it's raining, snowing, sleeting, etc. you should consider replacing your wiper blades at North Brothers Ford! Our certified service professionals will fit and install your new wiper blades quickly and correctly to ensure you a clear windshield this winter season. We're proud to offer competitive pricing on vehicle maintenance and online scheduling at North Brothers for a convenient service experience. Give us a call with any questions at (734) 821-7451 and be sure to check out our Tips & Tricks to keep your car running well year-round. We look forward to seeing our neighbors in Westland, Wayne, Taylor, Inkster, Novi, Canton, and beyond, at our Certified Service Center located at 33300 Ford Rd., Westland, MI 48185!